Getting Started


What is Endurance Riding?

Endurance is an international sport of riding one horse with one rider over a long distance.  These distances are normally between 80km and 160km in one day for open events.  The sport is about horse management, riding ability and horse fitness.  Your horse must be fit to cover the distance.  A horse in the wild can travel around 20km a day, in this sport we aim to travel 80km in one day.

What do I do at an event?

Firstly, You must register for the event prior to attending.  This can be done on the event nomination page.

Upon attending the event location, you must sign in and register at the event reveiving your rider number and relevant details.

You will be given instruction on when to attend the work out area to present your horse for a short equitation workout.  The required workout is available  on our form page.  It is not a hard workout and it is designed to show your control of the horse as well as the relaxed calm nature of an endurance horse.  It is not a show ring where you must be in a set frame, but rather have a balanced rider and horse.

There are no gear requirements for your horse, but whips and spurs or anything adapted to be used in such a way are not permitted.  However, what tack you have on your horse, the rider must be able to maintain control.

Once your workout is completed and you have passed (shown that you can control your horse) you will be allowed to complete the ride.  

Out on the ride you will have minimum and maximum speed limits which can be found in our rule book for your appropriate level of ride.  

Once you return from each leg of around 20km, you will have 20 minutes to present your horse to the Horse Health Officials for a check of the horse for lameness, heart rate etc.  Upon being deemed fit to continue you will be directed to your next leg (depending on distance) or congratulated for completion!

How am I scored?

Scoring has many factors including:

  • Heart Rate
  • Ride Workouts
  • Speeds
  • Rider Weight

If you are the first over the line at an event, it does not mean that you win.  All of these scores are considered when calculating your final score.

How do I train my horse?

There are no breed requirements for Endurance however, over the years, Arabians and their derivatives have proven to be the most successful in this sport.

There are many ways to train your horse for Endurance competition but the key to it all is the time put into the exercise of the horse.  Ask around your area for others that train endurance horses or check out our facebook page to post your questions.

Identifying your horse

Endurance horses are required to be branded or microchipped for identification.